3) Office Space

With the banking arrangements underway, it's time to get office space and equipment! I went to good old craigslist.org to find some space for my budding law practice. Through them I was connected with Regus, a company that specializes in setting up small businesses with professional and furnished office-space. I took a tour of two of their buildings, and so selected 75 Arlington St. in Boston. It was near two main T stations (Arlington & Back Bay), so would be convenient for my clients and myself. Some questions you should ask when looking for office space is what is included in the rent and what additional expenses exist for phone, internet, kitchen, and conference room access (otherwise these things can surprise you!).

With first-month's rent and security deposit, the initial bill comes to $1,658.00. Total now comes to $1,723.00, but there are a few more big charges to come.

Next time, we'll discuss the necessary office equipment to run a modern, and paperless, office.


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