Bikers, Stop Doing This!

Twice in two days! How could this be happening? What's behind this new epidemic of bicyclists riding on our highways? Especially when they are refusing to wear helmets.

The first such instance was on August 6, when a man was spotted riding his bike down 93 with cars zipping by. To be fair, no one likes commuting on 93, so maybe a bike seemed like a creative solution to sitting in traffic. However, it is extremely dangerous, not to mention possibly illegal; 720 CMR 9.08(2)(b) states that bicycles may not be ridden on any highway that prohibits them.

This would seem like a strange aberration if not for the second cyclist who was discovered riding, again without a helmet, on the Mass Pike the next day, August 7.

​​Riding a bicycle on a major state highway carries with it a host of risks, including serious personal injury or death that could result from being struck by a vehicle operating at high speed. The laws of the Commonwealth are intended to keep cyclists safe, and riding without a helmet on a highway goes against those rules. Please look out for yourself and your loved ones. Ride your bike only where it is allowed and always with a helmet. Both myself and my mother have been in collisions that could have resulted in serious bodily injury or death had we not been wearing our helmets.

If you are injured while riding your bicycle in Massachusetts, please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation to determine your rights and whether you are owed compensation.

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