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Almost all personal injury claims can be boiled down to a single question: “What happened?” The injured person’s ability to prove their version of events is essential to successfully resolving a claim and maximizing recovery. Taking photos and giving an accurate account to police (or any other reporting authority) is one of the best ways to preserve an accurate factual record.

In many cases, the pivotal evidence in any claim is a photograph taken at the scene of an incident. This is especially true for slips/trips and falls, where the condition of the ground at the time of the incident is a crucial issue. It can also be important in car accidents, where the drivers may later argue about the positions of the vehicles or areas of damage. A defendant can dispute a verbal account, but it is very difficult to challenge a photograph.

This is easier than it sounds, however. Often, the person who is injured is alone. It is therefore up to them to both care for their health and safety and make sure an accurate factual record is taken. However, taking the moment to accurately record conditions around an incident can greatly improve your chances of getting a successful recovery in the event a claim is filed.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, trip and fall, slip and fall, or any other incident, do your best to record the facts of the incident as they happen and then call the Law Offices of Samuel A. Segal at 617-383-3542 for a free consultation.

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