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Bodily Injury Claims at Work

Know Your Rights to Get the Best Recovery Possible

Many accidents in Massachusetts happen on the job.  Workplace accidents typically involve Workers' Compensation claims. 


If someone other than your employer is responsible for your injury, such as a car accident while driving for work, a trip and fall or slip and fall while making a delivery, or a construction site injury caused by another contractor, then you may also have a third party bodily injury claim against that responsible party.

If you have been injured as the result of a workplace injury caused by a third party, there are several important steps you can take to improve your chances of getting the best recovery possible:

  1. Get the medical treatment you need for your injuries.  Your health cannot be replaced.  Do not delay.  Go to the hospital or your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any injuries from an on-the-job accident.

  2. Preserve all evidence of the incident, including getting witness names and contact information and photographs of your injuries and from the scene of the incident.​

  3. Call a lawyer!  There are many layers of insurance companies, policies, and adjusters that may apply to your on-the-job injury.  Insurance companies are stacked with professionals whose goal is to minimize the payments they need to make to you.  Speak to a professional today to make sure you also have an expert on your side.  Hiring a lawyer to fight for you at no out-of-pocket cost is the smartest move you can make.

With over a decade of experience representing clients injured in accidents that happen while working, the professionals at the Law Offices of Samuel A. Segal know what it takes to get you the best recovery possible.

The time to file your claim is limited, so reach out to us today for your Free Consultation.

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