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Atty. Sam Segal: Lawyer, Treasurer, Juror, Chairperson

The 2023-2024 bar year has arrived, and attorney Sam Segal is already hard at work promoting access to justice and volunteering in our community. He has just begun his term as elected Treasurer of the Massachusetts Bar Association. Atty. Segal looks forward to serving with President Damian Turco and working towards his goals of Bridging the Justice Gap and Lawyer Well-Being.

To that end, on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, attorney Segal volunteered for the monthly Dial-a-Lawyer program where he gave his time to help answer the calls and questions of 118 people in need of legal help. Attorney Segal remains dedicated to volunteering for this great program and looks forward to continuing to do so throughout the year.

On September 6 and 7, 2023, attorney Segal was also called to serve as a juror in Dorchester District Court in Boston, MA. Attorney Segal was honored to be selected to serve on the jury, and he was happy to bring his mission to increase access to justice to the Courtroom in this way. For an attorney used to arguing and presenting in Court, it was a fantastic experience to be able to listen and consider the evidence from the position of a juror while serving our community.

The bar year has also begun at the American Bar Association, and attorney Segal has already begun work serving on the national stage as Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Outreach to Young Lawyers for the Tort & Insurance Trial Practice Section. Attorney Segal is also serving as Chair-Elect of the Technology & New Media Committee and as a member of the new Wellness Task Force. Through these organizations, he looks forward to increasing access to justice and promoting attorney well-being across the nation.


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