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Segal Law Gives Back

On Thursday, June 1, 2023, attorneys Sam Segal and Jonathan Wynne ran the Lawyers Have Heart 5K to raise money for the American Heart Association. Atty. Segal ran the 5K in 23:22, beating his record last year of 23:48. Segal Law is proud to raise money for such an important cause, and thank you to everyone who donated to support the American Heart Association! We look forward to continuing to train and running again next year.

The Law Offices of Samuel A. Segal is also proud to have sponsored the Sumner Family Council's Sumner Bash on June 4, 2023. The Sumner Bash featured food, games, prizes, and music for the students of the Sumner Upper School at 60 Hawthorne Street in Boston, MA. Segal Law is proud to sponsor this public school event (even on a rainy day!) and looks forward to sponsoring it again next year.


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