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Atty Segal in Washington, DC

From May 2 - May 4, 2019, Attorney Sam Segal was proud to represent Massachusetts and New Hampshire as their District Representative at the American Bar Association Young Lawyer's Division Spring Conference in Washington, DC. During the conference, atty. Segal participated in a luncheon with Congressman Joe Kennedy III and Senator Lindsey Graham, as well as an interview with former attorney general and white house counsel Alberto Gonzales. Lastly, atty. Segal had the honor of accepting an award on behalf of the Massachusetts Bar Association for its Tiered Community Mentoring Program as part of the ABA YLD's Embracing Diversity Challenge at a dinner and reception at the Library of Congress.

Attorney Segal is proud to be able to continue representing MA and NH in the ABA YLD, and he will next go to San Francisco for the ABA's Annual Meeting in August, 2019 where he will vote on behalf of both states on the YLD's policy proposals.

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