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Atty. Segal in the Boston Globe on Dangerous Sidewalk Law

Check out the latest article by Sean Murphy in the Boston Globe: "If you’re injured on a city sidewalk, your payout is based on an outdated law." The article covers the implications of the Massachusetts law on injuries caused by "defects in a public way." Attorney Sam Segal consulted on the article and is quoted within to help explain the rules and limitations that apply due to the outdated law in this area.

Anyone who walks the sidewalks of Massachusetts knows that loose stones, missing bricks, uneven pavers, and potholes are everywhere. Unfortunately, it has been almost 50 years since the damages cap for anyone injured by these dangerous conditions has been updated. That cap is $5,000.00 against any city, town, or other municipality due to these defects in streets and sidewalks. Also, there are strict requirements that notice be provided within 30 days or you risk losing even this modest potential recovery. This makes getting a lawyer to help you navigate these arcane rules almost impossible.

The law needs to be updated, and we are very thankful to Sean Murphy for bringing attention to this hazard that awaits all people in Massachusetts.

If you, or anyone you knows, has been injured in a trip and fall, reach out to us as soon as possible to speak with a lawyer to make sure your rights are preserved and you are on the right path to getting the best recovery possible.


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