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Atty. Segal Votes at ABA YLD National Assembly

Attorney Sam Segal recently attended the American Bar Association Young Lawyer Division Midyear Assembly. Serving in his capacity as National Affiliates director, and as an attorney and former District Representative for Massachusetts and New Hampshire, he cast ballots to help enact official policy of the ABA YLD, including the following:

  • Establishing a “National Young Lawyers Week;”

  • Encouraging permanent changes to the bar examination, including remote bar exams, open book bar exams, and more than two annual bar exams;

  • Urging passage of laws banning the use of no-knock warrants, which would prevent law enforcement from entering a premises using a warrant without first identifying their authority and purpose; and

  • Encouraging polices to ensure electoral votes to go to a state’s popular vote winner.

Attorney Segal is proud to represent his home and adoptive states on the national level and will continue working to ensure fair and equal access to justice for all.


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