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The Most Important Things You Don’t Know About Your Car Insurance Part 2: Substitute Transportation

In over a decade representing people injured in Massachusetts car accidents, we have seen way too many instances of people being surprised that their car insurance will not cover them in their time of need. We have seen people lose their cars and be unable to get compensated for injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. It is these unpleasant surprises that can be catastrophic for people involved in a car accident that was not even their fault. The best thing you can do to prevent this is to understand your car insurance and make sure it covers what you need and does not leave you footing the bill.

Do you understand all of the insurance terms of the car insurance example below? Most people do not, and that can lead to unpleasant surprises if and when you get into a car accident, even if it is not your fault. We will continue to publish additional sections over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to read about what we've learned in over a decade of representing people involved in Massachusetts car accidents.

The good news: you can call your insurance company to get pricing options and/or shop around with other insurance companies to get the coverage you want. The auto policy that applies to your accident will be whatever policy was active at the time of the collision, so make sure you are protected before getting into an accident.


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